A network connecting New Orleans neighborhoods through biking, walking, and riding transit

Connect The Crescent roadway renovations improve the safety on routes between Central City, the Central Business District, the French Quarter and surrounding neighborhoods. These lanes allowed local residents to test out temporary infrastructure to help inform the city on their decision of permanent renovations to make in the future. 

Protected Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes, used by cities and towns around the world, are tried and true ways to keep bikers safe on the road. These lanes always consist of some sort of barrier, such as plant boxes, flex posts, or concrete curbs to create a physical separation between car and bike traffic. They often include paint on the ground to direct attention to potential points of conflict like intersections and turning lanes.

Low-Stress Bikeways in and around downtown New Orleans

Low-Stress Bikeways in and around downtown New Orleans

Contraflow Lane


A cycle track combines the experience of a separated path with the on-street infrastructure of a conventional bike lane and is physically separated from motor traffic and distinct from the sidewalk. You can find a two-way cycle track that allows bikers to travel in both directions on Decatur, Iberville, and Baronne Street. 

Contra-flow bicycle lanes are designed to allow bicyclists to ride in the opposite direction of motor vehicle traffic. They convert a one-way traffic street into a two-way street: one direction for motor vehicles and bikes, and the other for bikes only. You can find a contra-flow lane connecting the Lafitte Greenway to the French Quarter along St. Louis Street.

Baronne Street Connection

The first renovation to be installed this September is the new and improved Baronne Bikeway. Baronne Street already serves as a major thoroughfare for local residents. In recent years, a buffered bike lane was added to give people biking home from work downtown a quality pathway Uptown, to Central City, Broadmoor, and other neighborhoods. Unfortunately, both drivers and bikers often struggle with the way space is currently shared in this corridor. In an effort for Baronne Street to work better for everyone, Connect The Crescent introduces a fully-protected dual cycle-track to this well-situated connection between Uptown and downtown New Orleans. 


Above - Baronne current configuration; Below - Connect The Crescent renovation

Diagrams of Baronne Street's current and demonstration configurations