Howard Avenue Connector  

Dryades St and Howard Ave, between Calliope St and Baronne St


Design Attributes

  • Two-way parking-protected bikeway on downtown side of Howard Avenue

  • One-way protected lanes on Dryades from Calliope to Howard (extension of O.C. Haley Blvd); including a lane drop inward-bound


  • An improvement because all lane lines were faded on Howard

  • Turning onto Dryades or onto Howard still tricky

  • Cars park in the bike lane


“I changed my usual commute (from Mid-City to Central City) just to use the Basin Street, Baronne Street, and Howard Ave connections.”


Notes on Howard Avenue Connector

This connection was the second shortest of the demonstration, but perhaps the most complex. Creating a simple, straight-forward connection between Uptown and downtown New Orleans is not easy. Interstate off-ramps, the odd angle of St Andrew Street, streetcar tracks below Baronne Street, and the circuitous path of Loyola Avenue as it turns into Simon Bolivar underneath the expressway all contribute to the difficult choice of where to make this connection.

One-way protected lanes were installed on Dryades extending the dedicated lanes of O.C. Haley Blvd underneath the expressway to Howard Avenue (taking away one inbound traffic lane).  A two-way parking-protected bikeway was installed on the downtown side of Howard Avenue from Dryades to Baronne Street. The connection between these two protected bikeways, from one side of Howard Avenue to the other, remained difficult for bikers to safely navigate.

The protected lanes underneath the Pontchartrain Expressway received nearly universally positive feedback.