Lafitte Greenway Connector

@ Basin, St. Louis, and Toulouse Streets


Design Attributes

  • Conventional bike lane on St Louis St to Basin St

  • Contraflow bike lane on St Louis St to Rampart St

  • Left-turn at island converted to protected contraflow lane

  • Green bike crossings in both directions - Basin @ St. Louis

  • Protected lane on Basin to Toulouse St

  • 1-block of parking removed

“In the past, I merged into traffic to make a left turn and felt unsafe. Having the green bike box turn is a great idea, and makes this dangerous crossing safer and less complicated.”

Themes from Respondents

  • Huge improvement in connection from Lafitte Greenway -- Many commenters demand traffic calming, improved biking and walking infrastructure, and crossing signals

  • Design could be more intuitive

“This is my absolute favorite change. This was previously the scariest part of my commute and now has been made drastically safer. The painted lines tell the motorists what I am going to do before I do it and I have found far less frequently I have been put into a dangerous situation and that motorists are less frustrated as well.”


“It’s made biking from Mid City to the Quarter a better option than driving. Thank you.”


Notes on Lafitte Greenway Connector

The disconnect when traveling New Orleans’ safest and most enjoyable bikeway, the Lafitte Greenway, and then attempting to cross Basin Street into the French Quarter is harrowing. Many bikers, walkers, and drivers fear for their lives at this dangerous exchange. Many have been hit and injured. The need to make a change is urgent, which is why the improvements made in this installation have proven so popular.

Green turn boxes which designate a portion of the roadway for people biking to attempt a turn were well received by committed and occasional bike riders.

The design here is complicated with many trade-offs. One short block of a contraflow lane was installed, only to be removed due to NOPD parking needs. The same is true for the protected lane which lead people biking from the greenway across Basin to Toulouse Street.

Additional protection and traffic-calming are needed to make this exchange safe for all travelers.