Baronne Street Two-Way Protected Bikeway

Canal St to Howard Ave

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Design Attributes

  • Two-way parking-protected bike lanes from Union Street to Howard Avenue

  • One-way parking-protected lane from Canal Street to Union Street

  • RTA Bus #15 rerouted


“I work on Baronne Street and I LOVE THE BIKE LANE. MAKE IT PERMANENT.”


  • Protection kept drivers out of the bike lane!

  • Getting downtown from Uptown/Central City much easier

  • Design could be improved -- pedestrians walk in bike lanes; turns feel dangerous

  • Extend the two-way all the to Canal


“This was always the most infuriating stretch of my commute because so many drivers (including cops, taxis, deliveries, and city buses) disregarded the bike lane. The properly protected bike lanes are AWESOME.”

“I love the green boxes at intersections. I feel safer making turns on my bike”


Notes on Baronne Two-Way Protected Bikeway

The Baronne St installations generated the most feedback from local citizens, in both positive and negative terms. On the positive side, bike riders of all varieties were overwhelming in their praise of the changes, with 66% wishing to see it made permanent. Women, as well, showed a strong desire to see the Baronne installation or a similar design adopted. Nearly 1 in 5 from both of these groups liked the design but thought it could be improved.

Negative feedback seems to have resulted from three factors: inadequate outreach to residents; complaints about the design; and lingering resentment over the changes that remain from the City’s 2014 bike lane pilot. In regards to outreach, Bike Easy conducted four separate canvasses of the Baronne corridor ahead of installation. Most businesses were reached, but a significant number of apartment residences did not receive information.

Design complaints centered on pedestrians feeling insecure attempting to cross the street and having to look in both directions as they crossed the bike lanes. This could be mitigated with additional signage, familiarity over time, and more accommodating sightlines if additional spaces were removed at the beginning and end of each block.

Lingering complaints from the 2014 pilot have to do with displeasure that the lanes were made permanent without a perceived lack of  consultation. Hopefully this demonstration being removed on time has afforded the City some needed confidence-building with residents.