Algiers Ferry Connector

Canal Street from Tchoupitoulas St to Convention Center Blvd

Tchoupitoulas Street from Canal St to Gravier St


Design Attributes

  • Two-way protected on Canal Street from Convention Center Blvd to Tchoupitoulas Street

  • Two-way protected on Tchoupitoulas from Canal Street to Common St; one-way on Tchoupitoulas between Gravier and Common Street

  • Bike Fixation ‘Wave’ Delineators installed along Canal Street adjacent to Harrah’s

  • Dero Ped-rail installed on Canal Street at Tchoupitoulas and Convention Center intersections

  • Sybertech planters on Canal Street (2)

“Absolutely love it! I use it every day to get to work”


  • Stronger connections for the ferry - more service, extend hours. New ferry terminal should improve bike access and connections to bus and streetcar.

  • Design should be seamless to terminal

  • More protection needed - cars, trucks, and buses block the bike lane despite posts

  • Connect Canal - many bikers prefer Canal to adjacent streets; wish to see it as major bikeway


“Such a necessary safety measure on this hectic car-dominated street. I sometimes feel as if I am in danger even being extremely cautious on my bicycle or when walking because the cars make such dangerous maneuvers here.”

Notes on Algiers Ferry Connector

An especially important route for service industry and hospital workers. There was concern about the interchange at Tchoupitoulas at Canal Street, and the turns onto and from Common and Gravier. However, bikers, walkers, and drivers seemed to navigate these intersections without much issue.

This route’s utility was somewhat diminished when the Decatur/North Peters center-running protected bikeway installation was cancelled.